• The Future of ePRO Platforms

    Applied Clinical Trials has now published a peer-review article by Alan Yeomans from Pharma Consulting Group about the future of ePRO Platforms. How can we use the subjects own smartphone or tablet for collecting ePRO data in a trial? The article evaluates the practicality of such an approach, and the issues that need to be addressed if it is to succeed as well as the issues with legacy ePRO solutions that are solved by adopting such an approach.

    For more information see the full article here.

  • Merry Christmas

    We continue to raise money to the Swedish Children Cancer Foundation through our fund PCG for Life. We would at the same time like to thank all our users for a great 2013 and welcome everyone to an interesting and enjoyable 2014.

  • Did you know this about our helpdesk?

    • Handles on average 463 requests per month
    8 of 10 requests are during 08.30 AM-05:00 PM CET
    69 % of all requests are related to account and login issues
    • Top 10 studies contribute to 63% of the total request count
    6 of 10 requests come in via the chat feature, the remaining through email

  • This is Viedoc 4!

    We understand the value of time and efficiency. That's why we've built Viedoc™ 4, using the technology of tomorrow, making electronic data capture smarter, faster and easier than ever before.

    Contact us if you want more information.

  • Welcome to Viedoc UGM Europe

    The first European Viedoc™ User group meeting will be held in Uppsala, Sweden on September 26, 2013. We welcome everyone that is interested to participate in this event.

    Please find the invitation and full agenda here. We want your registration not later than September 16.

  • Who said we can't Rave?
    Viedoc4 is in da house!

    We are very proud to present the next generation of our eDC platform, Viedoc. It is currently being demoed for the first time at the 4th annual Viedoc™ User Group meeting in Tokyo, Japan. While waiting for your personal demo, we thought you might enjoy this teaser.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about Viedoc.

    Official release June 30, 2013.

    Enjoy your trial!

  • Welcome Korea!

    Thanks to an increase in projects starting in Korea, Korean has now been added as a system language in Viedoc. There are currently 14 other languages supported incl. Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

  • First study in Viedoc - still going strong and with increased login security

    The first study in Viedoc, a national quality registry for obese children, BORIS, launched ten years ago is still going strong and just included its 10.000th patient. At the same time the registry introduces login for investigators via SITHS cards. SITHS is a service identification for both physical and electronic identification and is suited to all national services in e-health. As the requirements for security and access protected information is becoming tougher within healthcare and other related businesses no one should be able to access information or log into the system without being authorized to do so.

    With Viedoc™ now supporting SITHS, users can access the registry in an easier and more secure way than before.

  • High expectations of Viedoc 4

    We are currently on tour in Japan giving our most valued customers an exclusive sneak peek of our next big product, Viedoc™ 4. Expectations are high for sure but we know we will not leave anyone disappointed. Official release June 2013.

  • Free setup for new clients during April!

    All new clients will get the setup free of charge if the contract is initiated and signed during the month of April. Don't miss this unique opportunity of trying out one of the industry's best tools for clinical trial reporting.

    Provide us with your study details here...

  • Introducing VieWRS - when you are looking for accuracy, reliability and availability

    Introducing VieWRS - when you are looking for accuracy, reliability and availabilityAlthough Viedoc™ has been supporting both static and dynamic randomization for almost ten years it is not until now we have packaged this and some other related features into a product we call VieWRS, Viedoc™ Web Response Services. Apart from randomization this also includes:

    • Patient screening, screening failure, enrollment, withdrawal and completion
    • Drug Management (supply, status, re-supply)
    • Emergency code breaking

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

    Enjoy your trial!

  • Viedoc 3.19

    The release date of v. 3.19 is now set to March 24. The release includes contract management and payment support as well as support for sharing of documents and files (collaboration documents). Full contents of the release notes will be published on the community shortly. For more info on coming releases, please contact us directly.

  • Fourth Annual User Group Meeting in Japan

    PCG will hold the fourth Viedoc™ User Group meeting in Japan on June 18th of this year. The meeting will take place at the Swedish Embassy, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo and is free of charge to all Viedoc™ users. The meeting will be followed by a two hour reception. Invitations will be sent out to all of our users during May.

  • PCG celebrates its 10th year in business

    So we turned 10. Big deal? Well, for us it has been 10 amazing years and we are very excited about the 10 to come. Keep your eyes open for lots of events and activities during the year...

  • Successful demo of Cross
    Reference Tool Japan

    The annual UMC User Group meeting in TokyoPCG participated at the annual UMC User Group meeting in Tokyo and showed a demo of how Viedoc™ as the first EDC tool in the world enables uniform coding of medicinal product data in the PMDA mandated Iyakuhinmei Data File (IDF) and WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced. Read more on the UMC website.

  • Uppsala, Tokyo and...

    The study building team at PCG is expanding. After having handled all projects in-house at the Uppsala or Tokyo offices, Zifo Technology, Chennai, India has been chosen to become a Premium partner, being the ultimate partnership within PCG Solutions. As a Viedoc™ Premium Partner Zifo is able to provide professional services including, but not limited to, study design and builds, consulting, integration, migration and training related to Viedoc™ products.

    "The team at Zifo has been working extensively with Viedoc™ products for more than 3 years and has proven to have the technical skills and deep understanding of our products required for anyone working directly to our customers or partners" says Henrik Blombergsson, VP Product Development and Partner Support.