We're sure you've heard our products described as user friendly and cost effective. We'd much rather talk about the delight of experiencing Viedoc for the first time and the pleasure of running it every day.

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For the site staff

Viedoc Clinic

Viedoc is wonderfully intuitive, enabling efficient management of the clinical trial process. Focus on what you do best and let Viedoc help you document it.

Viedoc Clinic is built to help you as investigator or study coordinator to manage and report all the activities performed by the site. If you're a project manager, monitor, data manager, statistician or coder you will also use Viedoc to access and review data. Since 2004 more than 300 Viedoc projects have been rolled out to sites all over the world. The intuitive interface together with multi-lingual support and short "ready-to-fly" training sessions make Viedoc Clinic a blessing for the busy study site.

If you want to experience it yourself contact us for a demo, or invite us to give you a quote before initiating your next study. Let Viedoc delight you! You'll be surprised how well Viedoc does what you really need it to do. And we think you'll find it helps with even more than that.

Features & functionality

  • Secure data-handling, by making things simple

    You'll see all the features you would expect such as entering, editing, commenting and signing data. Viedoc Clinic also has a built in randomization feature supporting use of both pre-randomized lists and dynamic randomization. Using Viedoc´s helipad and PDF features enables data to automatically populate the eCRF or a report in seconds, securely and efficiently, saving a lot of time for the site.

  • One system for all data review and monitoring

    Export and review data in various formats, raise a pre‑query, a standard query and approve or reject. Make use of the auto-deviations or create manual deviations, write monitoring reports and plan visits.

  • Control for the Project Manager

    Review and rate deviations, approve reports, keep control over the CRA's planned and reported visits, generate a fresh Interim Quality Report for a quick update on data status, quality and study progress. Take control of your study.

  • Output as you'd like it

    Schedule or export data 24/7 to SAS, ASCII, CDSIC ODM, PDF or SPSS. Get an empty CRF or a Study Configuration report with one click.

  • You're not alone

    Need assistance? Don't worry. Our support team makes sure you get your problems solved. Via chat, email or phone. Contact us now.

  • On-line and real-time coding

    Code data continuously throughout the study, you don't need to wait until the end. Viedoc is the first EDC system in the world supporting UMC DD Hosted services where the investigator receives suggestions on drug names from the UMC hosted service while typing.

  • We're compliant!

    Viedoc products comply with all relevant regulations in North America, Europe and Japan, including 21 CFR Part 11, CSUCI, ICH GCP, HIPAA, PuL and EU Annex 11.

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For the developer

Viedoc Designer

Use ready-to-use industry templates or create your own study forms from scratch in minutes. Configuring a setup has never been easier. Become a Viedoc Designer today!

Do you lack programming skills but definitely know what a good eCRF looks like? Or are you a kick-ass programmer who'd rather leave design to someone else? Welcome to Viedoc Designer. Templates and intuitive settings allow you to present a prototype to the study team before they even leave the meeting room. Contact us and get started immediately.

Features & functionality

  • Study forms

    Can you handle Word™? Then creating your study forms in Viedoc Designer is a walk in the park. Copy and edit ready-to-use templates or drag and drop elements into your own form. Save your favorites to the library.

  • Amendments

    Handle changes to protocol with childish simplicity. Apply the updated eCRF-version on site, country or study level at a predefined date for absolute control.

  • Study schedule and roles

    Draw up the schedule in no time and continue adding forms and events as the study content is created. Use template roles or create an unlimited number of study roles on your own.

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For the subjects


Forget time consuming and expensive integrations with external systems. ViedocMe allows subjects to report data from their smart phones or computers at home. Why complicate things?

Make sure that your subjects come to site visits and report their data within the indicated time slots. Use automatic reminders via sms/text messages and/or email. Be proactive and save important subject data that otherwise might be lost. Do your trial a favor and add ViedocMe as the ePRO solution.

Features & functionality

  • Report

    Planned and unplanned events from smartphones, surf tablets or ordinary computers.

  • Chat

    ViedocMe allows communication between subject and site in a secure and comfortable way.

  • Remind

    ViedocMe will remind the subject about upcoming visits via email and/or text messages. Don't lose important data just because the subject forgets to complete the questionnaire. Customize messages for extra impact.

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For the study team

Viedoc eLearning

Sometimes being intuitive is not enough. Prepare and release easy accessible training material to support the trial. Certify your users.

Support your trial with comprehensive training material for study procedures or system features. Let the users decide how and when to use it. Your training material is always available and attractive, flavored with relevant clickable images.